Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sapling - 2002

Amidst the eye of a storm stood a sapling forlorn
Between two mighty spruces were branches of scorn

Taken much longer to sprout from its roots
Beckoned to land far beyond its astute

Each season yields aspirations anew
But nature's temper brings about a feud

To conform or defy with its branches up high
The young sapling waits looking mystified

Follow the Path - 2000

Follow the path of age and time, it will address;
Blissful ignorance, sentiment youth once possessed.

Follow leaders of power for we can't discern,
Greed--arrogance, authority often do churn.

Follow large masses, amongst the crowded we'll stand;
Misguided off course, stripping away our own stance.

Follow the logic of wisdom and then we'll see,
That not everything is what it appears to be.

Follow the unfortunate and terminal lives,
Ask what they desire? Nothing, just to survive.

Follow your heart when you are lost or a flounder;
Know you have choices, support from those around you.

Face these reflections, for mirrors only foresee;
The one looking back is who you are meant to be.